Learn more about topics to do with environmental impact.

Animal testing - Wanting information on animal testing? Find out where you can go.
Aquatic toxicity - Find out why testing on aquatic life is important and what it means to say something is toxic.
Bioaccumulation - Learn about how bioaccumulation increases the risk posed by a chemical.
Biodegradation - Discover the difference between biodegradable and readily biodegradable.
Cationic polymers - Aka. Big, positively charged chemicals. Read about why they are singled out.
EDTA - Have you heard that EDTA is bad for the environment? Find out why.
Endocrine disruptors - Learn about endocrine disruption and how it is considered in the reviews.
Ethoxylated alcohols - Got some PEGs on your label? Find out what it might mean for the environment.
Fragrances - Discover why the discussion on fragrance chemicals can be a bit light on.
Mica - Mica is responsible for the shimmer in your products. Find out where it comes from.
Nanoparticles - Read about nanoparticles and why some are concerned about their use.
Palm oil - Find out why the use of palm oil can endanger animals like orangutans.
Parabens - Is your product paraben free? Find out why and what it means.
Persistent organic pollutants - Learn why more than 180 countries agree that these chemicals pose too high a risk.
PFAS - Find about the PFAS group of chemicals and why there is concern about their impacts.
Silicones - Silicon, siloxanes, silicones - find out what the difference is and what it means.