We want to help you to be a good one.

They say green is the new black, and no where is this more evident than in health and beauty. Clean beauty is booming. Today, 83% of consumers will choose to purchase a product with a better sustainability record. Almost nine in ten consumers want brands to do more to help them to make more sustainable choices.

The Good Ones Co offers services to business in the health and beauty industry who are working to reduce the environmental impacts of their products and services. For more information, see our services page. 

Our vision

We want to see a health and beauty industry where businesses are able to set the agenda on eco-friendly products and services. We want businesses to be able to:

  • Leverage cost-effective opportunities
  • Demonstrate social purpose
  • Be resilient against scientifically-dubious trends
  • Justify actions to their customers
  • Generate brand loyalty, and
  • Empower buyers to query competitors.

We’re good too

The environmental impacts of health and beauty products are complex and multi-faceted, with new information emerging everyday. To help you keep track, we maintain a blog to highlight knowledge and updates. This is also where you will find our reviews of select health and beauty products.

Our social aim is to increase transparency on the environmental impacts of health and beauty products. To this end, we manage the Eco Beauty Edit channel on Instagram and collaborate with those looking to increase the accuracy and salience of environmental information in the health and beauty sector. 

If you would like to support us to do more of this work, you can do so on Patreon. All of our supporters are listed here.

The team

Jess founded The Good Ones Co in early 2018 after working in executive roles in chemical policy and regulatory science for a number of years. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (First Class Honours, University Medal) and a Master of Environment. You can find her @jessphillipsau on Twitter and Instagram.

Our partners include Noir Social and professionals with years of experience in their field. Jess draws on an extensive network to ensure the right expertise is at hand for any project.

Our name

For too long, Jess figured that those around her may not enjoy hearing her facts about where their beauty products had come from, what was in them, and where they would go. But one day, her sister emptied the contents of her toiletry bag and asked her to pick out the good ones. Soon friends and colleagues were doing the same, and Jess realised that many people did want to hear her facts.

After a bit more research and observation, she discovered just how difficult it was for consumers to work out which products were the good ones. She started writing eco-reviews of health and beauty products, but soon found the lack of information ran much deeper – with many businesses themselves unsure of how their products impact the environment. The Good Ones Co was established soon after.