Rating: Okay



  • Packaging is difficult to recycle
  • Limited information on use of palm oil┬áderivatives
  • Contains undisclosed fragrances

Dr Organic is a skin and hair care brand. Their products are natural, cruelty-free and vegetarian.

The main ingredients in their Pomegranate Skin Lotion are a range of fatty acid derivatives. These should all be readily biodegradable. A significant amount of this product should be broken down during waste water treatment. This will limit the amount that enters the environment. However, a small amount will still be released.

Most of these fatty acid derivatives have low solubility in water, and aquatic life are less likely to be exposed to them if they are released to the environment after waste water treatment. Because of this, they will have low toxicity to aquatic life.

Some of the main ingredients in this product are derived from palm oil. There is very limited information about the source of palm oil derivatives used in Dr Organic products. I could only find one Facebook post which suggests that any palm oil derivatives are sustainably sourced, but there is no further detail on what this might mean in practice.

The minor ingredients in this product are fragrances and preservatives. Some of the fragrances are identified on the label. These fragrances are all readily biodegradable, but some are toxic or very toxic to aquatic life. Other fragrances in this product are not identified on the label. These chemicals could be almost anything – potentially including chemicals of high concern.

The lotion comes in a flexible plastic tube. Unfortunately, the plastic tube is unlikely to be re-used and is difficult to recycle. Terracycle accepts these types of tubes for recycling, but they are not always collected in kerbside recycling. This reduces the chance of the packaging being recycled, and increases the chance of it going to landfill.

But does it work?

Considering how well a product works is a big factor in determining whether a product is a good one or not. A product that does not work is a waste.

There are very few online reviews on this product, but those that are available suggest that this lotion is good value. For more, see reviews from The Life and Beauty, Beauty and Beyond and The Green Home.

Image credit: Dr Organic

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