Rating: Okay



  • No information on use of palm oil derivatives
  • Inner packaging is difficult to recycle

Esmi Skin Minerals is a beauty company that sells Australian made, vegan products. The company started with a liquid mineral foundation and has since introduced skincare products.

All of the ingredients in The Uncomplicated Cleanser by Esmi are readily biodegradable. A significant amount of this product should be broken down during waste water treatment. This will limit the amount that enters the environment. However, a small amount will still be released.

Most of the ingredients in this product have low toxicity to aquatic life, so the small amount that is released will have a comparatively lower environmental impact. That said, one ingredient is toxic to aquatic life and another is very toxic to aquatic life.

Some of the ingredients in this product could be derived from palm oil. There is no information on the Esmi website about the use of palm oil derivatives or if they come from sustainably produced crops.

The cleanser comes in a cardboard box and flexible plastic tube. The Esmi website says that they use recycled packaging, but there is no further information on this. The cardboard box may contain come recycled content, but it is unlikely that all their packaging is completely made of recycled materials.

The cardboard box can be easily recycled in most kerbside schemes. The box is lined with a print, which could encourage up-cycling or re-use before recycling. Because recycling requires energy, and as recycled material is often down-cycled (as in, it goes back into lower quality products), being able to re-use the box is a good thing.

Unfortunately, the plastic tube is unlikely to be re-used and is difficult to recycle.
Terracycle accepts these types of tubes for recycling, but they is not always collected in kerbside recycling. This reduces the chance of the packaging being recycled, and increases the chance of it going to landfill. This is a real downfall for this product.

But does it work?

Considering how well a product works is a big factor in determining whether a product is a good one or not. A product that does not work is a waste.

There are very few online reviews on this product, and the reviews are that available are all (somewhat suspiciously) glowingly positive – but it seems like most users like this product. For more, see the review from Katrina West.

Image credit: Esmi Skin Minerals

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