Just over one year ago, we posted our first beauty product eco-review on The Good Ones Co. Since then, over 1000 people have visited the site and our reviews. We thought we’d revisit the most popular ones.

1. KORA Organics Gentle Cleanser

Rating: Okay

The Gentle Cleanser from Miranda Kerr’s skincare brand ticked boxes with readily biodegradable chemicals and RSPO certified palm oil derivatives, but left us wanting more information on natural extracts and packaging that is easier to recycle.

2. Sukin Natural Balance Shampoo

Rating: Good

Sukin sets the bar with their carbon neutral company. Coupled that with RSPO certified palm oil derivatives, bulk volumes and recyclable packing, and you’ve got a pretty good eco-deal. A more concentrated product would have been the cherry on top for this shampoo.

3. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Rating: Okay

Cetaphil’s signature skin cleanser contains eight readily biodegradable ingredients, all with well-studied toxicity profiles. Unfortunately, the sources of these ingredients (and any palm oil derivatives) was less clear. With some eco-toxic preservatives, this one came in as okay.

4. Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

Rating: Not great

The preservatives in Fanola’s No Yellow Shampoo were its biggest downfall. These chemicals are not readily biodegradable, and with aquatic toxicity and a lack of data for long-term exposures, the eco-friendliness of this shampoo is questionable.

5. PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo

Rating: Okay

This shampoo came in slightly better than Fanola’s blonde shampoo, making it worth considering as an alternative. Although it contains EDTA, and palm oil sources aren’t due to be certified until 2022, most of the ingredients are readily biodegradable and the packaging is easy to recycle.

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