Rating: Good



  • Fragrance ingredients not disclosed
  • Contains silica
  • No information on use of palm oil derivatives

Kopari is a beauty company that sells products based on coconut oil. They aim to create products that are as natural as possible and to be transparent with their formulations. The company was started in 2015.

The main ingredients in their Coconut Deodorant are mostly simple chemicals that are readily biodegradable. A significant amount of these chemicals should be broken down during waste water treatment. This will limit the amount that enters the environment, but a small amount will still be released. Most are not toxic to aquatic life, but some have aquatic toxicity.

Some of these main ingredients could be derived from palm oil. There is no information on the Kopari website about the use of palm oil derivatives or if they come from sustainably produced crops.

One of the main ingredients is the fragrance. The website does state that the fragrance does not contain phthalates, but aside from that there is no information on what chemicals are in the fragrance. These chemicals could be almost anything, so it would be good to have more information on this.

The key active ingredient in this deodorant is produced by bacteria during the fermentation of plant material – probably a mixture of enzymes. These proteins help the breakdown of the chemicals that cause body odour. The enzymes should degrade quickly in the environment.

True to the brand, this product also contains coconut oil, coconut juice and coconut water. The production of the coconut used for these derivatives is certified against the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard. This is a recognised standard and a positive move.

A minor ingredient is silica. While the impacts of silica once it is released to the environment should be low, obtaining it in the first place can be another story. Silica is commonly obtained from sand, which is mined. Sand mines can cause erosion and habitat degradation, and are often unregulated. It would be good to have more information on where the silica in this product comes from, but companies very rarely provide (or even have) this information.

The deodorant comes as a simple stick in a hard plastic tube, which can be recycled in most kerbside schemes.

But does it work?

Considering how well a product works is a big factor in determining whether a product is a good one or not. A product that does not work is a waste.

Many users seem to like this product. However, some find that it does not work so well for them, or that it gives them a rash (probably due to the enzymes). For more reviews, check out Influenster, Allure and Elle.

Image credit: Dose of Glam

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