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LUSH is a cosmetics company that sells handmade products. They place value on ethical buying, avoiding animal testing, and being vegetarian.

The main soap type ingredients in their Daddy-O Shampoo are toxic to aquatic life but readily biodegradable. This means that a large amount of these chemicals should break down during waste water treatment, and a limited amount will be released to the environment. That said, some will still be released to the environment where they could have an environmental impact.

Some ingredients could be derived from palm oil. LUSH has been working to remove all palm oil from its products, but there is limited information on what measures are being taken to ensure that the palm oil that is currently being used is sustainably sourced. It would also be good to have information to be sure that the production of palm oil replacements is sustainable.

Most of the remaining ingredients are fragrance chemicals. There is good data for many of them, which indicate that all except for one are harmful or toxic to aquatic life and readily biodegradable. The one exception is alpha-isomethyl ionone. The available data indicates that this chemical is toxic to aquatic life and not readily biodegradable. This means that a greater amount of this chemical could be released to the environment.

In addition to the individual fragrance ingredients, some are listed as “perfume”. This could be almost anything, and it would be better if the ingredients were listed. The LUSH website does state that their fragrances are at least around 60% naturally sourced. This provides some reassurance, because natural chemicals are typically less likely to be the chemicals of highest concern – but natural doesn’t always mean better for the environment.

The last ingredients in this product are colourants and preservatives. More data on the colourants would be good. Colourants are rarely readily biodegradable, so it is unlikely that the ones in this product will be – but they appear to have low aquatic toxicity, making them a better choice. The preservatives are parabens. Propylparaben is toxic to aquatic life, but is readily biodegradable.

The shampoo comes in a simple bottle which is made from 100% recycled post consumer plastic, which can usually be recycled again through standard kerbside collection programs.

But does it work?

Considering how well a product works is a big factor in determining whether a product is a good one or not. A product that does not work is a waste.

This product gets some mixed reviews. Some, like The Tezzy Files, say that it does exactly what it says. Others – seemingly, particularly those with platinum blonde hair – have said that this product doesn’t tone as effectively as others, can be drying, or even leave your hair pink (see this Allure article). For more reviews, visit MakeupAlley and ChickAdvisor.

It sounds like it would work best for those with medium to dark blonde tresses on the oilier side. If that’s not you, check out the other shampoo reviews to see if there’s alternative product that might suit you better.

Image credit: Belles Bunnies

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