Rating: Not great


  • Comes in large size, minimising packaging
  • RSPO certified palm oil derivatives preferred
  • Packaging for larger sizes recyclable in most kerbside programs


Aveeno was founded in 1945 with a bath product containing finely milled oatmeal. The brand has since grown to offer a range of products containing oatmeal or oat extracts. The brand was purchased by Johnson and Johnson in 1999.

Their Daily Moisturising Lotion comes in a range of sizes up to 1 L.  This is good, because being able to buy in bulk can minimise the amount of packaging that needs to be used. The plastic that is used in the packaging for the larger sizes is also relatively easy to recycle in most kerbside programs. Unfortunately, recycling the plastic used in the smaller sizes can be a bit more difficult.

The top ingredient in this product is water. This suggests that this product could be more concentrated. Providing a more concentrated product reduces packaging requirements and transport emissions.

Some of the main ingredients may be derived from palm oil. Johnson and Johnson have a code that their palm oil suppliers are expected to meet. This code specifies that RSPO certified palm oil sources are preferred, which is good. However, there is no information on how much of the palm oil that they use is actually certified. Other ingredients, such as petrolatum, are derived from crude oil.

One of the main ingredients is distearyldimonium chloride. This chemical is not readily biodegradable and is very toxic to aquatic life. It is likely to bind to bits of dirt – which will reduce the amount of the chemical that aquatic life is exposed to – but some of the chemical will still be available to cause toxic effects. Because it is not readily biodegradable, it will also hang around in the environment for an extended period of time.

There are similar concerns for some of the other ingredients. Cetyl alcohol is very toxic to aquatic life, but it is readily biodegradable. A significant amount should be broken down during waste water treatment, which will limit the amount released to the environment. This product also contains a type of silicone. These chemicals can take a long time to break down in the environment.

The remaining ingredients are of low environmental concern. There is no data available on the environmental behaviour of oat kernel flour, but it should be readily biodegradable with low aquatic toxicity.

Some ingredients lists for this product include “F#9155-005” at the end. I have no idea what this could stand for – I’d love to hear from you if you do!

But does it work?

Considering how well a product works is a big factor in determining whether a product is a good one or not. A product that does not work is a waste.

Luckily, most users seem to like this product. For more reviews, check out BeautyHeaven and MakeupAlley.

Image credit: Em Talks

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