Rating: Okay



  • Not all packaging is easily recyclable
  • Some ingredients are toxic to aquatic life
  • Incomplete data for some natural extracts

KORA Organics is a skincare brand founded and owned by model Miranda Kerr. The brand focuses on certified organic and natural products that provide a healthy alternative.

The main ingredients in their Gentle Cleanser are mostly simple chemicals that are commonly found in the environment. This is good, because when they are released in treated wastewater they are less likely to disrupt the ecosystem. These chemicals should have low aquatic toxicity, and be readily biodegradable.

Some of these ingredients could be derived from palm oil. There is no policy about the use of palm oil derivatives on the KORA Organics website, but some third party websites indicate that the company only uses RSPO certified palm oil. If this is correct, this suggests that the palm oil derivatives used in this product have a lower environmental impact during production.

Lots of the minor ingredients are natural extracts. Natural doesn’t always mean better for the environment, so it is still important to look at the potential impacts of these ingredients. While there is aquatic toxicity and biodegradation data available for many of them, there are still some data gaps. It would be best if these gaps were filled, but it is common for information on natural extracts to be lacking.

The information that is available for the more minor natural extracts in this product show that are some – like cedarwood oil, alpha-bisabolol and tocopherol – are toxic to aquatic life. Cedarwood oil is also not readily biodegradable, which means that it is more likely to be released to the environment after waste water treatment.

The packaging is the biggest downfall for this product. While the outer cardboard box is easily recyclable, it is not really necessary and adds to the transport volume. The tube that the cleanser comes in is more difficult to recycle. Terracycle accepts this type of packaging for recycling, but it is not always collected in kerbside recycling. This reduces the chance of the packaging being recycled, and increases the chance of it going to landfill.

But does it work?

Considering how well a product works is a big factor in determining whether a product is a good one or not. A product that does not work is a waste.

The Gentle Cleanser does not appear to be as popular as some of the other cleansers produced by KORA Organics, but a few reviews are available. Most users seem to like this product, but some do note that it is very gentle – so if you are looking for something with a bit more cleaning power, you might like to consider another option. For more reviews, check out Sephora, NourishedLife and inkBLUSHrose.

Image credit: KORA Organics

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