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Cetaphil is global skincare brand that specialises in products for sensitive skin, and are well known for their Gentle Skin Cleanser. The brand is owned by Galderma, which is a subsidiary of Nestle.

This product contains eight ingredients. The first one is water. This suggests that this product could be more concentrated. Packaging and transporting water is wasteful. It is better to provide a more concentrated product – with less packaging and transport emissions – that users can add water to at home.

The major soap ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate. This ingredient is harmful to some types of aquatic life. However, the risk posed by the chemical is lowered because it is readily biodegradable. This means a large amount should break down during wastewater treatment, before it is released to the environment.

Three of the ingredients are simple chemicals that will also be readily biodegradable in the environment. However, some of these ingredients are normally derived from palm oil. I could not find any information on where Cetaphil or Galderma sources their palm oil from. Nestle has made a commitment to only use sustainably sourced palm oil by 2020, but they are not seeking third party certification – instead, they have developed their own guideline. It is not clear if subsidiaries, like Galderma, are covered by this policy.

The remaining three ingredients are parabens. Two of the parabens are toxic to aquatic life. They should be readily biodegradable, so most should break down during waste water treatment, but some will still be released to the environment where they will have toxic effects.

The packaging is fairly simple, and should be recyclable in most standard kerbside recycling programs.

But does it work?

Considering how well a product works is a big factor in determining whether a product is a good one or not. A product that does not work is a waste.

Luckily, most users seem to like this product. For more reviews, check out BeautyHeaven and MakeupAlley.

Image credit: Chictales

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