The testing of personal care products on animals has been a contentious issue for a number of years. There are arguments for and against testing. Many groups have called for bans on animal testing, and some countries have implemented them.

In some cases, companies can test final formulations on animals to judge relatively minor product properties. In other cases, companies test on animals to determine the toxicological profile of a chemical when there are alternate validated methods to do this. Most people would agree that testing on animals when it is unnecessary is cruel.

However, there are some cases where animal testing can still deliver extremely valuable information that currently cannot be obtained another way. Data from tests on fish and aquatic invertebrates is often necessary to determine the aquatic toxicity of a chemical. Alternate modelling is available for some chemicals, but many scientists would say modelling is not yet sophisticated enough to completely replace animal testing.

While this site is concerned with the environmental impact of personal care products, animal testing is more of an ethical consideration. For this reason, information on whether a product has been tested on animals or not is not included in reviews. For more information on whether a product has been tested on animals, visit PETA Beauty Without Bunnies.

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