Rating: Okay



  • Contains polyaminopropyl biguanide
  • Contains EDTA

Garnier is a multi-national hair and skincare brand. Garnier has a history using plant-based ingredients and is committed to reducing their ecological impact. The brand has been part of the L’Oreal Group since the 1970s.

Micellar water is essentially water and a type of soap packaged in a bottle. If you are wanting to reduce the environmental impact of your personal care products, this could be a product category to avoid altogether. You could reduce transport emissions and packaging by using tap water and a good soap or cleanser instead. The rating for this product is for its environmental impact compared to other micellar water products – find out more here.

The packaging of the Micellar Cleansing Water is minimal, which is great. There are no unnecessary plastic films, seals or boxes. The plastic that is used is easy to recycle in kerbside recycling. If kerbside recycling is not available, Garnier has also partnered with Terracycle to ensure there is a way for the packaging to be recycled.

All ingredients are listed on this product. You can work out exactly what is in; it does not contain any vague ingredients – like some fragrances – for which the actual chemical composition is confidential. The majority of the ingredients are readily biodegradable and have low aquatic toxicity, which means low environmental impact.

One of these ingredients is glycerin. This chemical is commonly derived from palm oil. L’Oreal is a member of the RSPO and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) gives the company a score of eight out of nine for palm oil sustainability. This indicates that the palm oil used to make this ingredient was probably produced in a way that reduces its environmental impact.

However, some ingredients will have a higher environmental impact. Polyaminopropyl biguanide is very toxic to fish, aquatic invertebrates and algae. Unfortunately, it is also not readily biodegradable. Studies have detected it in waste water after it is treated. When the treated water is released back to the environment, aquatic life can be exposed to the chemical and toxic effects seen.

The product also contains EDTA in the form of disodium EDTA. This chemical is a common pollutant in waterways, where it can increase exposure to heavy metals and interfere with normal nutrient cycles.

But does it work?

Considering how well a product works is a big factor in determining whether a product is a good one or not. A product that does not work is a waste.

Luckily, most users seem to like this product – although some note that it is not as effective for things like waterproof mascara. For more reviews, check out BeautyHeaven and MakeupAlley.

Image credit: Love, angela

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