There are so many factors to consider when thinking about the environmental impact of a product. Sometimes, all the information can be overwhelming and just lead to indecision.

The ratings are a simple indication of the overall impact of a product compared to similar products, to help overcome the information overload. They are always accompanied with further detail which you should read for a more fulsome description.

Very good

Products that are rated as very good are representative of the absolute best for that product type. If you are going to be buying a product, you won’t do better than these. There is almost nothing that could be done to improve their environmental cred.


Products that are rated as good are a great choice. There are some minor things that could be better – for example, replacing an ingredient or reducing packaging – but overall they are still a preferable choice to most other options for that product type.


Products that are rated as okay have passed assessment against the worst offences, but there are a handful of things that could be improved on. They are still a better choice for the product type if you are limited by budget or availability.

Not great

Products that are rated as not great – well, they could be much better. Use these products up if they are currently in your cabinet, but then consider replacing them with a higher rated product.


There is no excuse for products that are rated as avoid. The manufacturers of these products are not being environmentally responsible. They should be doing better than this – let them know by spending your cash elsewhere.

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